SPONSORED POST: Rugby World Cup all about increasing involvement in game

By | September 23, 2015

Lancaster looking to shed runners-up cloakLast weekend threw up one of the most spectacular weekends of rugby that you’re ever likely to see at a Rugby World Cup and involved everything from thrillers to historical upsets.

If you’ve ever pulled on the boots and strapped on the strapping tape then you would have undoubtedly felt that twinge in your legs – the kind of twinge that makes you want to immediately blow up the ball, pull on the shorts and get to your nearest rugby park.

We see it all the time from the professionals who retire from the game yet miss it so immensely that they transit in their post-career life to coaching, refereeing or having any type of involvement with the game. With a game as great as rugby, you can hardly blame them for it, especially after witnessing the rugby miracles like Japan’s victory against South Africa in Brighton.

From the time spent in the sheds with the lads to the competitive team runs on the park, it’s all part of the game we love and why we all miss it so.

England Rugby are using the Rugby World Cup to assist former players to reconnect with rugby and get involved with their Return to Rugby campaign aimed at increasing participation in the game locally.

A program specifically developed by England Rugby will help clubs deliver training opportunities specifically for returning players who used to play rugby in any capacity whether it was for school, university or after work with friends. Running for 8-10 weeks, the programs are designed with a focus on enjoyment, fitness and to help former players reengage with the game played in heaven. Visit England Rugby today at http://bit.ly/1KfuHpB 

Sponsored by England Rugby